The Comparison Bug: The Obsession to Compare And How Not to

It used to happen whenever you ran into your high school classmate out of nowhere. You chat about the basics and try to gauge what they have done in their life, you answer questions about yours. If time and environment allows, you dig into the lives of people you commonly know. An episode of “where are they now?” while the powerful processor between your shoulders does what it does best in the background. Compare, reference and evaluate. Comparing is innate to that complicated organ of yours. It's how it survived centuries of evolution by keeping the body fed, safe and innovating to adapt in an ever changing environment and challenges of living. But It used to know when to compare and when n


Red everywhere. Roses and hearts and chocolates and cards, reminders on each corner you turn to. Love day is here! Capitalism has found a way to hook it's claws into every corner of our lives. Love is no exception rather a lucrative emotion. We are all subjects born with the innate desire to seek it. Weather you are floating in a sea of infatuation, confused in the thickness of the power struggle, settled into blissful communion, valentine's day concerns you. It's true for you too, single person, while you are being made to feel like a sock without it's pair, you are bound to ponder about love when valentine's day comes about. I don't think there is such a thing as figuring love out. I belie


Why am I unsure about this one? The grapple with vulnerability and my eventual surrender to it's might have always led me to good places even after dragging me through painful lessons. Yet still, the level of openness required to share with the world what I am about to, I never had to put to the test before. This is new territory. My intention to tell my story and raise awareness through sharing my life experiences is the reason I created this platform, unchainingme blog. The instinct to dive into my #metooethiopia story has been fermenting and brewing for a while now. I have no other sane choice but to trust it. Like any other trauma of different magnitude, reaching to corners of the mind

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