Ethiopian feminism: Bigger Than The Sum of It's Parts

It was a no brainer. We were onto something good. The Instagram account run by one of our co-founders was flooded with story after story of sexual assault from Ethiopians all over the world. The realization that there existed no platform for people to share their stories of traumatic pasts and courageous survival hit us and we wanted to do something about it. #metooEthiopia was brainstormed into existence. Co-founded by three women including myself, #metooethiopia aspires to be a hub where we connect Ethiopian victims and survivors of sexual assault world wide to one another and with the resources available to them in areas of legal help, mental health and spiritual guidance while providing

Ethiopia, It's time to stop needing the world to validate you

On Sunday March 10th, I woke up to my social media feed congested with terrible news from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. An Ethiopian Airlines plane carrying 157 passengers had nosedived to crash shortly after taking off, killing all on board. It took a few hours to fully comprehend, an airline with a near perfect safety record, with a near perfect new aircraft on a near perfect weather and only a few minutes after taking off. But it eventually hit, hearts were breaking worldwide. Ethiopians everywhere mourned the loss of lives, but that wasn't all, they also braced for the worst in how the world would react to the tragedy. The world didn't disappoint. Beside the western media highlighting how many

Feminine Energy & Patterns of Pain

It's international women's day and I am reflecting on what I am seeing as a phenomenon of feminine energy resurgence. The world, in my opinion, once knew that qualities of feminine energy were vital to a well-balanced existence. But through fear-based rejection, it had forgotten the truth. What does it mean to be a woman? What is feminine energy? I went to an all girls school. All I knew was my feminine energy reflecting back at me in it's wholesomeness and greatness from peers I loved and educators I respected, . In my schools, girls truly ran the world. Nuns or otherwise, authority was held by women we looked up-to for guidance. We took pleasure in being girls, wore our uniform with pride

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