To The Mother In You

I struggle to keep up with weekly blogging, let alone two blogs in one week! I’m A recovering perfectionist and the idea of posting a short blog I haven’t chewed up and edited multiple times still brings me chills. It’s mothers day and I’m meant to be busy doing nothing, being pampered, modern culture has made me believe. I’m not at home nor do I have my laptop on me. This Wix app is glitching. The above are a few of the many reasons this blog shouldn’t have materialized. So what’s the deal with this impromptu decision to vomit out some unruly thoughts and share with you guys? How was this Mother’s Day post born into existence? (Pun intended) It started with a Mother’s Day text. Yeah yeah ye

The Unlikeliest of Friends: Building A Sisterhood With My Husband's Ex Wife

You have just met someone new and a mutual interest seems to be growing. Love bells are ringing. Getting to know each other is in full force so naturally, you are curious about every window that promises a glimpse into who they are. Including and especially their ex's. It's ok to admit it as it's a rather common curiosity, an understandable fascination to have with former lovers of folks you love. It's tempting to not only know who they are but also to want a piece of their experiences while they embarked on a journey of love with the same person you are only beginning to get to know. What about them attracted your lover to that person in the first place and what does that tell you about th

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