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WE are going on a journey!   The one constant in life is change. If you have noticed, change isn't always a desired one. Often times we are faced with unwanted situations, failures, losses, pain we wish to avoid, numb, suppress. If you have noticed, it doesn't work like that. In this group coaching experience, we explore everything we need to rise up from life's obstacles, disappointments, broken hearts and even day to day struggles so we may keep growing to become a better version of ourselves.  Resilience is one the most important life skills we unchainers have to develop. And NOW is the best time. The moment you make the decision to sign up, will join a group of women all investing in themselves to become more aware of patterns holding them back. Who are making a choice to spend their time learning how to do things differently instead of blaming others for where they keep finding themselves time and time again. You will feel validated, supported and held by a tribe of sisters and mothers on the path of positive change. That on it's own is PRICELESS!     In the six weeks deep dive into resilience, you will learn to   Understand and even LOVE your failures, valleys, dips Locate and validate the inner perfectionist and work with her instead of against her Ground yourself and stay connected so you can FEEL your way out of dark times Coping mechanisms and goal setting tools during planning to spring back into action How to sense another valley coming and preparing for/ preventing whenever possible How to work with your natural cycles instead of against them  

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