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Life is...

I used to wonder

what life is

I found out today

after three decades and a couple of years.

I had no book of wisdom

spread open in front

no hymns on my tongue

no proverbs in thought

found it out while listening to no sermon

gazing at no star, immersed in no religion

it all stood out,

while I sat

on a spread-out yoga mat,

mimicking the stance of a pigeon.

Life is…

fraught with that


from the weight of your heavy hams

your age-long-stowed baggage and what not.

It’s in the burdens

that have your shoulders laden,

boulders of fear you’ve forever carried,

the dreams you’ve hamstrung,

killed and buried.

The instincts you ignored,

edges left unexplored,

Life is…

what you should feel

as you stretch and heal

bursting the suffrage that you’ve stored.

Life is...

in all the aches you muster

from cradle to grave,

the bends you make-that hurt like hell

it’s the storms you brave.

Life is…

a deep affliction albeit,

also the deep knowing in your spirit

that perfect joy awaits,

once you lean-in your weights

into dis-comforts well regarded,

nuisance and anguish un-avoided

Life is…

the thrilling delight, lastly rewarded.

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