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The Chains We Tow


Tiemert Shimelis is the founder of UnchainingMe. A podcaster and  life coach who carries a deep passion for sharing with others the joy and contentment she continues to  discover while on a journey of unchaining herself.  


She led a life saturated with dysfunction and deep unhappiness manifesting in shame, drama, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and a victim mentality which kept her stuck repeating cycles of psychological pain. Once it became apparent to her just how heavy the chains she towed around were, she began curiously pondering what life would be like should she break free, focusing on her internal dialogue and the agreements that subconsciously shaped her reality.The process would forever change the way she perceived her past, identity, love, marriage, friendships, parenting, success, spirituality.  Little did she know that she would never be the same again.

UnchainingMe is her way of sharing her valuable epiphanies. It is a way of life, a sacred practice, a curious and open-minded way of relating with ourselves and with the world around us. It leaves no stone unturned, no dark corners unexamined, to move past patterns of suffering and into the light of awareness where our authentic selves can emerge and thrive. It is free of judgement and practices radical acceptance while utilizing the power of altering our thoughts to in turn unchain ourselves from staying stuck in undesirable situations. As a content creator online, she continues to inspire, motivate and educate her audience on this path to freedom she says saved her life. In order to make a deeper and lasting impact while working with clients on an individual basis, she is currently undergoing a certification process to obtain her credentials as a personal life coach.

So, could YOU use some UnChaining?

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