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Q&A on Luwame Blog

A few weeks ago, a beautiful human, habesha woman, blogger, mom and wife I admire reached out to me with something exciting. She wanted to feature me on her blog as part of a series she was was presenting to her readers for the month of March which is also International Women's History Month. As the self explanatory title 'Empowered Women Empower Women states, she offered a platform for women she believes can share a lesson or two from their experiences.

I have admired and looked up to Luwame ever since I was introduced to her blog through an old friend. Her authenticity, ability to present big ideas in relatable ways and love for family and fitness had me coming back to her blogs. I know very well the need in Eritrean and Ethiopian communities for women to step into their power through openly sharing their struggles and ways they push back to triumph over them. Needless to say, I was honored to have been given the opportunity to be introduced to Luwame community and I dived right into answering the well-thought-out questions she posed. Without further ado, here is the link where you can read the blog post.

To a woman I applaud and one I call a friend, Luwame, you are a gem! Thank you!

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