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Getting You Back Up

Hello unchainer human being! Have you been falling ok lately?

If you don't fall often enough, I don't know what you are doing reading this blog or my blogs altogether for that matter. You can just email to ask me how I'm doing. I may even add a selfie.

We all fall. If we try, if we dare live, if we venture out of our comfort zones and aim at anything worth aiming at, if we risk getting our hearts broken, getting laughed at, if we picked up some trauma as we grew. It's bound to happen as predictable as your man believing he's a better driver than you. And you disagreeing.

Nothing is more human than falling flat on our asses and yet we fear it so much. The irony is that we stay stuck in failure instead of shortening the time otherwise spent on exploring the failure, grieving any losses, identifying any gains, spotting detours and opportunities and well, getting back up.

We instead let ourselves, our dreams, go; give excuses for why the dreams we had are impossible, rearrange our environments and relationships to fit the new compromise of lesser value. We settle. But the nagging voice never goes away. It is always reminding us that we have fallen, that this isn't a place to get comfortable with, rather to gather lessons and rise.

Could you be in such a spot in your life?

Let me take you on a detour.

"What do you feel you are an expert in right now?" my coach once asked while helping me decide on a title for a group coaching offering I was working on building. Little did she know, my superwoman archetype had the mic then and she had a list of things she and her close colleague, the perfectionist, agreed I kicked ass at.

Buckle up briefly for a not-so-modest ride down Tiemert's Boulevard of strengths. We'll visit the Weaknesses Ave on Feb 29th sometime.

Let's begin with motherhood? I mean, Two toddlers and two teens and a preteen girl? Where's, my trophy?

Wait, how about love relationships? After years of terribly sucking at them, I am finally loving and regulating myself enough into building a mutually respectful, nurturing and empowering relationship with a man I am choosing to be crazy about for the rest of my life? Nobel Peace Prize nominations anyone??

But wait, there's more.

I am a kick ass coach! I did disappoint a few clients along the way ( the humble archetype snatches the mic/keyboard) as wounded guides do need to hide and get their own wounds mended before they can help others; but when I join forces with a client who is ready to get what they know they need and come with an open mind and heart, I pour all of me into guiding them down a path I know is rewarding.

More than any of the arrows in my quiver, I am proud of one the most. I am resilient as hell!

I always, always, always, always ALWAYS get back up!

Why do some get back up after finding themselves in the ditches of life time and time again but others don't? Divorce, mental illness, parenting hardships, low self esteem, marital issues loss of any kind, they all have one thing in common. They offer us a dip. A dip is the valley where transformations can happen. Unfortunately, It is also filled with bones of crushed dreams. So, do you want to learn how to rise up from YOUR VALLEY?

I am offering my very first group coaching experience to 10 women who are DETERMINED to do so. If you are one of them, stay GLUED to your email for details. My social media days are numbered ( you heard it here first).

let's begin lifting you up and out from this dip. So that when the next one comes up, as such is life, you will know just what to do.



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1 Comment

Mar 04, 2023

I am proud of one the most. I am resilient as hell!

I always, always, always, always ALWAYS get back up!😍

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