To The Mother In You

I struggle to keep up with weekly blogging, let alone two blogs in one week! I’m

A recovering perfectionist and the idea of posting a short blog I haven’t chewed up and edited multiple times still brings me chills. It’s mothers day and I’m meant to be busy doing nothing, being pampered, modern culture has made me believe. I’m not at home nor do I have my laptop on me. This Wix app is glitching.

The above are a few of the many reasons this blog shouldn’t have materialized.

So what’s the deal with this impromptu decision to vomit out some unruly thoughts and share with you guys? How was this Mother’s Day post born into existence? (Pun intended)

It started with a Mother’s Day text. Yeah yeah yeah. One of the kinds that one friend who waits for a holiday to add your name to a long list of recipients and sends you a publicly circulating photo in what seems like an effort to cross it off their list of to-dos. I had already received a few of those today. But this one stopped me dead in my tracks. It was from a woman who’s a member of my extended family. She also isn’t