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Why Values?

We can all agree that life is a journey. It's twists and turns unpredictable, it's length unknown, no universally proven way to navigate through it, unclear when if at all, we may reach a place to reward us with a sense of 'having arrived'.

It is a thick rainforest with no clear way of maneuvering through. It's a slow comfortable stroll by green pastures. It's a steep hike with thorns and loose rocks to challenge our footing. It's peaks we wish lingered forever but then downhill falls may await just around the bend.

Such is life and the world we live in. Unpredictable, complex, ambiguous.

The good news is, we need not walk on this journey aimlessly. We can minimize the potential of being at the mercy of the nature of life and our world. We each get to design and utilize our very own map through it all. A map perfectly aligned with and customized to fit our true desires.

A map called values.

For many years, I lived aimlessly. With no clear direction of where I was heading, no true sense of self or knowledge of my core values or the ability to live in alignment with them. I felt fragmented from myself. My actions were unconscious reactions motivated by deep seated fears and the need for quick gratifications.

I was on a complex journey without a map. Until I became aware of values and got to work to discover mine. Over the past 8 years, I made my values my curious focus. Nothing in my life would ever be the same again.

As a life coach, If all I would have with you was one session, I would bring up your values and work on them with you. Without question, a strong sense of values is the basis of lasting transformation in every single area of one's life.

In this week's podcast episode , I dive deep into why we need a strong sense of and connection to our values, how to perform authenticity checks on the values we have and how to explore and determine our core values for the first time.

It is my sincere hope that through the insights and tools offered in this episode, you will start the fulfilling journey into yourself by the discovery and efficient use of your values.

A journey towards the mastery of your own life, your very own map to freedom.

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