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Your Worth and Power as a Woman and How to Reclaim It

May all my ladies say "power"

No, not THAT kind of power that we confuse true power with. Not the kind the patriarchy modeled to us, one that asserts itself through oppression, occupation, silencing the other, dominating and destroying. Not that one.

Feminine power is beautiful, graceful, nurturing, creative, and warm.

There is power in being, vulnerability and silence. There is so much power in intuition and connecting to mother nature through it. These are two of the many feminine qualities that we may not think of as powerful initially ( No thanks to patriarchal conditioning) but as we explore them, the strength becomes apparent.

In the biggest lie ever told, Women have been separated from our inner power and authentic selves and stripped off of our sense of self worth. Our mothers were used, abused, kept down, silenced and even killed for following their inner knowing and intuition. However deeply it affects us, whether we SEE it or not, this pain shows up in our lives and manifests itself in many ills. Some may include low self esteem, dysfunctional relationships, depression and anxiety, people pleasing and many more.

But why is it so? How does this disconnect show up in our stories as repeated patterns? And what must we grow increasingly aware of if we are to reclaim our power and heal the divide within ourselves and the feminine and masculine ways of life's expression out there in the world?

That is exactly what me and my friend Adey Chekol sat down to dissect over this week's podcast episode.

I can't tell you enough how much this conversation is needed in our communities. I can't entice you enough to dive into it with an open heart and share it to EVERY. WOMAN. YOU. KNOW.

For those of you who may not know Adey, please check her out her website and social media pages. Embark on the journey into your authenticity with this soulful Woman. You are in for the worthiest ride of your powerful lady life.


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