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Liar Liar!

Liar you liar!

Woe magnifier!

You told me my life was better erased,

that my dreams were sunken into the ditch of societal norms,

they could never be raised.

Showed me all the wrongs with me.

Hid away all that was well ,

In doubt in fear in agony

You said that's where I'd dwell.

You liar! Woe magnifier!

I'm glad you didn't win.

I'm glad perfect love stepped in between

your merciless jaws and my broken soul .

However faint, I'm glad I heard the light call.

And now,

I shall call you out, till the day I am no longer ,

on the lies you tell, the lives you rob,

on the hopelessness you monger.

Liar liar!

Look at me now, happily skipping away

with the rope you passed for my neck,

singing "never been stronger!"

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