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You hate...

life hurts so you seek blame

the house of cards you diligently built

on a foundation of privilege

and entitlement you brought

from ancestors who forced their highness

over a land and it’s brown people

empowered by their skin’s lightness

we understand

surrender is painful

vulnerability stinks alright

giving it all up

the perks, the pride the bragging right

all for love of humanity

the truth of oneness, of equality

hence why you stand stiff and tight

green with envy, red with anger

not so majestic in your white light

we get it

terrified egos stuck in

primitive states- of afraid and jealous

Where reality is distorted

“the right to prosper is like a hot pie

slice and serve me, my lookalikes and I

and of course

it’s Jose’s fault that I’m jobless”

we understand

It’s hard to let go

of what’s been yours and only yours

for far too long

blacks know their worth

immigrants and succeeding

women of color are rising

It all may look threatening

but if for once

you defied your programming

decided to not see color and creed

saw Fatima beyond her veil

and Mohamed beyond his beard

It may just sort out that selfish greed

that lines the guts of insecurity

after all

we are all human beings first

unsure, fearful yet with hope

trying to survive and prosper

yearning for love in a desperate thirst

from beyond the natural and one other

navigating life on the earth boat

literally in it together

sink or float

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