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They were happy to see us both

as we emerged from that-

literally and otherwise not-

warm, snug, blissful uterine bubbles

little did we know that,

unlike the world we already knew

being alike would soon bring troubles.

Little did we know…

that it would be the last time

they treated us both the same

once they saw what genitals we carried

those organs would change the whole game

of how they saw us, who we could become

how much we earned;

whoever we loved or married.

Little did we know…

we wouldn’t be fetuses no more

dealt alike with nature’s even odds

the courtroom had changed

to one filled with judges with minds chained

therefore can’t help but discriminate

unlike our blissful warm pods.

Now our souls would only matter

after those organs our bodies bear

became the substance not just the chatter.

Moms and Dads

simmered in the schools of thought of their own parents

mimicking the grands and the great grands

who placed acquired over inherent

placed us into cradles of gender

with names that fit and codes of color

to TELL and TEAR us apart

keeping us from our oneness splendor.


with many battles left to still fight

though some wars stand won,

the lamp of truth also stands alight.

and I SEE you

your crusade to recapture

the sensitivity you were made to deny

through a tranquilizer of ‘tough men’ culture

that sedated your emotions

I see you detoxify

reclaim tenderness as also your nature.

I know you SEE me too

as I unlearn and lean deeper

into the fierceness of my might

meet the grandeur of my grit

so someday, we may once again meet

under the law of fetal equality,

to timeless homogeny we resubmit.

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