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(M)asses of the Matrix

What do you see?

Do you see a race to get ahead

between the classes?

or just three of

your average hardworking asses?

May be dwellers of the Matrix,

sampled out of the masses?

I see bodies conditioned to slave

minds stuck believing,

that it’s all fair and square

that they get what they are deserving

for the loads they bear

doesn’t matter when or where

heads down is how to behave

to carry on carrying more than one’s share

at the command of the bosses,

convinced to normalize their losses

and holes in their porous souls.

until one day they stumble upon their graves

and they find out.

If the fear of the stick

or the worship of luscious grasses,

hadn’t filled their sight

dulled their bite,

one of a wild horse , that of a free beast

so was their soul’s might.

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